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Electronics » Digital photo
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Frame
IMC-D15 Digital Photo Frame 3.5" IMC-D15 Digital Photo Frame 3.5"

3.5-inch TFT Display Digital Photo Frame, Supports CF/MS/SD Card Up to 4GB
Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • 3.5-inch TFT Display
  • Photo format: JPEG
  • Supports photo-rotating and zoom maximum 4x larger and minimum 1/4x smaller
  • Supports maximum 1.2-megapixel JPEG photo
  • Supports play images directly from USB sticks/external card, no need computer
  • Supports CF/MS/SD card up to 4GB
  • USB 2.0
 $ 50    
Baby Octopus Camcorder Camera DV Tripod Baby Octopus Camcorder Camera DV Tripod

  • Baby octopus type tripod.
  • Pocket size and ultra lightweight.
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • Flexible legs and angle adjustable freely.
  • Easy to clip to your shirt pocket.
  • Compatible with various camcorder, camera, SLR camera, DV, etc.

Baby Octopus Camcorder Camera DV Tripod

  • Weight: 58 g
  • Size: 11.5 x 2 x 2 cm
 $ 4    
10.2" Digital Photo Frame (Pictures, Videos, Music) 10.2" Digital Photo Frame (Pictures, Videos, Music)

Digital photoframe / mediaframe with 10.2\" LCD display. This model DMF (digital media frame) allows you to view pictures as well as playing music and video files.

We heard your requests and now have it in stock for you, a DMF for the office, home, or dorm use. Why get a simple digital photo frame when for only a few bucks more you can have a whole lot more - a large screen digital media frame that works as a photo viewer, video player and digital music player. Yes, this model does all those, and also includes both an headphone jack and speakers!

Simply plug in your favorite memory card and you can instantly start playing your digital media. In addition, when the frame is plugged into your computer it acts like a card reader so you can easily transfer files in between your computer and the photo frame. This is really a great product that can be appreciated by almost anyone, young or old.

At a Glance...
  • 10.2 Inch Premium Multimedia Digital Photo Frame
  • Works with most popular memory card formats
  • Includes calendar and alarm function
10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music 10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music
10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music 10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music
10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music 10.2 Inch Digital Photo Frame - Pictures + Videos + Music


  • Main function: Digital photo frame and media viewer
  • Display: 10.2 inch TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Color: Black
  • Memory
    - Internal: 1 GB
    - External: Memory Cards (up to 2GB\'s)
  • Supported Memory Cards: SD / MMC / MS / xD / CF cards
  • Picture Format: JPEG
  • Music Format: MP3 / WMA
  • Video Format: MPEG, DIVX, XVID, AVI
  • Control Interface: On-board button control or remote control
  • Input/Output:
    - SD / MMC / MS / xD Card Slot
    - CF Card Slot
    - USB Port
    - Mini-USB Port
    - DC IN
    - ON/OFF
    - Earphones jack
  • Onboard Controls:
    - Menu/ON/OFF
    - OSD
    - Fwd/Next
    - Rev/Previous
    - UP/volume +
    - Down/volume -
    - Enter
  • USB: 2.0
  • System: Computer not necessary
    - Can be used with Windows 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista, Macintosh OS
  • Power Source: AC power adapter
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, UL
  • Dimension: 280mm x 210mm x 35mm
  • Manufacturer Ref: FAMB34SNKL73
  • Catalog Ref: DPF, EPF, Digital picture frame, Electronic picture frame, Large-size digital media frame

Other Features:

  • No computer needed
  • File manager
  • Includes calendar and alarm function

Package Contents:

  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Desktop frame stand
  • Power adapter (110-240V 50/60Hz)
  • Remote control
  • Mini-USB to USB cable
 $ 114    
IMC-D23 Digital Photo Frame 7" IMC-D23 Digital Photo Frame 7"

Digital Photo Frame with 7-inch TFT Display and 480 x 234 Pixels Resolution
Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • 7-inch TFT display
  • Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels
  • Photo format: JPEG
  • Supports photo-rotating and zoom maximum 4x larger and minimum 1/4x smaller
  • Supports maximum 1.2-megapixel JPEG photo
  • Supports play images directly from DC/MP3 player/USB sticks/external card, no need computer
  • Supports CF/MS/SD/MMC/XD card up to 4GB
  • Audio format: MP3/WMA
  • Video format: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4(AVI)/DIVX2/DIVX3
  • Movie play can be 2x/4x/8x slower
  • AV out function
  • Supports A-B repeat
  • Support multiple languages
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • USB 2.0
 $ 50    
Philips 7FF2FPAS 7" Digital Photo Frame (Clear & Black) Philips 7FF2FPAS 7" Digital Photo Frame (Clear & Black)

Technical Details

  • 7-inch frame; 6.5 inch viewable display; 800x480 resolution; 3:2 aspect ratio
  • 16MB Flash built in memory; Two memory card reader slots for extra external memory; compatible with Compact flash type 1, SD SDHD, Mulitmedia Card, xD card, Memory Stick, and Memory Pro
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 2000/XP or later, and Mac OS X
  • Photo edit: copy, delete, rotate, zoom, and black and white effect
  • Includes AC-DC adapter, USB cable, stand and quick start guide

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
Philips 7FF2FPAS/27 digital photo frame offers a crisp, clear display of your favorite photos on its 6.5-inch screen. The high ixel display shows off your treasured photos with the same real life rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints. The full color display brings out the best in your photos with vibrant, real life colors by displaying the same full range of colors found in professionally printed photos. The seven button control makes it easy to adjust and control settings of the frame. Enjoy viewing your pictures in a variety of different display modes. Choose to display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick and easy searches or create a slideshow of your favorite photos. The USB connectivity allows you to upload pictures from your computer quickly and with ease. The frame features SmartPower, which allows you to set the hours for frame to be on and automatically shuts down during off hours. The SmartPower feature reduces energy consumption and saves up to one-third of your frame¿s energy costs. This frame has a high quality design and is made from exquisite materials including a solid stylish stand, designer frame and detailed finishing that conveys an impression of value and refined taste, adding luster to the photos displayed.

Philips 7FF2FPAS Highlights

High-density display
The very best high-density screen shows off your treasured photos with the same 'real life' rich detail and vibrant colors as high-quality prints.

Multiple Viewing Modes
Flexible display modes give you the freedom to display your photos in a variety of different views. You can display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick and easy searches, or create a slideshow of your favorite photos. You can even display the same photo continuously for 1,000 hours without any damage to the LCD screen.

Keep in mind that Philips digital photo frames are compatible with JPEG files. The JPEG format is in accordance with the camera industry standards and the frame is designed to display photos with the same industry standards. Pictures that are not in JPEG format, such as web, scanned or RAW images, cannot be displayed on the digital photo frame. However, these images can be converted to the JPEG format for the digital photo frame using specific computer applications.

You can switch between different slideshow photos by using different memory cards. When a memory card is connected to the digital photo frame, the slideshow will play photos stored on that specific card. By permanently inserting a memory card into the digital frame, it will perform the same functions as the internal memory. By using two memory card slots simultaneously, one memory card slot can be dedicated for external memory and the other for reading and copying pictures from the camera memory card.

Philips 7FF2FPAS Highlights

Multiple-photo collage effect
The Multiple-photo collage is a slideshow effect that displays your photos in collage form that will automatically and randomly compile different photos together to avoid unattractive borders that may result from photos which are smaller than screen size.

Memory Card
The digital photo frame has some built-in memory that stores a few of your favorite pictures directly onto the frame. Pictures will continue to display on your frame even when you don’t have a memory card inserted into the frame. The internal memory on your digital photo frame is a fixed amount and cannot be expanded. However, you can increase the amount of pictures that can be displayed by using memory cards with larger memory capacity. The digital photo frame features two built-in memory card readers for easy viewing and sharing of photos stored on the memory cards.

Types of Memory Cards Supported
Compact Flash type I
Secure Digital (SD and SDHC)
Multimedia Card
xD card
Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro

Easy USB connectivity
The digital photo frame features a USB connection so you can quickly download pictures directly from your computer. The high-speed USB connection is conveniently located and easy-to-use and is used for reading, writing, loading or transferring programs, data, digital media or music files from your PC, Mac or camera.

Auto On/Off
A timer turns the digital photo frame on and off at the hours you select, reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment and it saves up to one third of your digital photo frame energy costs.

Imagen Technology
Imagen is exclusive Philips photo enhancement technology that automatically analyzes your photos to the correct color and adjust for optimal contrast. Imagen separates colors to avoid "crosstalk" and adjusts brightness distribution for great visual contrast and corrects Gamma for color accuracy.

Philips 7FF2FPAS Highlights
Philips 7FF2FPAS Highlights

Radiant Color
RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a smaller photo to the sides of the screen. This eliminates unwanted black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

Smart Contrast
SmartContrast analyzes the contents you are displaying and automatically adjusts colors and controls backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast. This process results in the best digital images and optimum contrast for more entertainment fun when viewing photos and videos that have dark hues. When selecting the Economy mode the contrast is adjusted and backlighting is fine-tuned for the right combination for your display.

What’s in the Box
Digital photo frame, AC-DC adapter, USB cable, Stand, quick start guide

Things to know when shopping for a Digital Photo Frame:

Features and Attributes

Screen Size
Similar to monitors, the screen size of a digital picture frame is measured in inches diagonally from corner to corner. The screen size should be the size of the visible display and not include the surrounding frame.

The resolution is the number of pixels that a digital photo frame can display. The higher the resolution the crisper the image. A high resolution is most important on large screens in order to avoid a blurred or pixilated display of your pictures.

Aspect Ratio
An image’s aspect ratio represents a comparison of its width to height. A few frames can display images in an HDTV aspect ratio of 16:9 but most use the TV aspect ratio of 4:3. This means for every 4 units of width there are 3 units of height. The larger the gap between the two numbers the wider the display is going to be. Some digital photo frames automatically crop pictures to fit the display’s aspect ratio. If you have a frame that does crop photos with an aspect ratio different from the screen's aspect ratio, two sides of the photo are cropped so the screen is filled by the central portion of the image. Keep in mind, if you display portrait oriented images on a screen with a wide aspect ratio, they will either be very small on the screen or heavily cropped.

Frame Style
A lot of the time your digital photo frame will be turned off so you want to ensure that the frame itself looks nice even when it isn’t displaying your favorite photos.

Memory Cards
Memory cards increase the number of photos the frame can display. The amount of pictures that can be displayed is limited to the size of the memory card. Try to find a frame that is compatible with the memory card you use in your camera. That way you’ll be able to switch your memory card between your camera and frame with ease.

Internal Memory
Internal memory refers to the space or number of pictures the digital photo frame can save and store without the help of a memory card. Usually, the amount of internal memory is small. If you are hoping to display a large (or even moderate) amount of photos on your frame consider looking into purchasing a memory card with a large amount of memory space.

Optional Batteries
Most digital photo frames rely on AC power to run. However, some frames have built-in rechargeable batteries. Frames with rechargeable batteries are ideal if you plan on hanging your frame on the wall. This means the unsightly trailing wires will be seen only when the frame is being charged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I increase the memory size to store more pictures on my DPD?
No. The internal memory of DPD is fixed and cannot be expanded. However, you could switch between different photos by using different memory cards on DPD.

Why doesn't my Digital Photo Frame show some of my photos?
Digital cameras take photos and store them in JPEG format according to camera industry standards. Digital Photo Frame is designed to show photos following the same industry standards. Some images, such as web images, scanned images, or photos in RAW format from professional cameras, are not stored according to camera industry standards and therefore cannot be correctly displayed on Digital Photo Frame. Use PC applications to convert such images into standard JPEG format for Digital Photo Frame.

Is the LCD screen touch-enabled?
The LCD screen is not touch-enabled. Use the buttons on the back to control Digital Photo Frame.

Can I print photos from Digital Photo Frame?
No, it does not support direct photo printing.

Why doesn't my Digital Photo Frame go into Auto-off status after I set it?
First, make sure you set CURRENT TIME, AUTO OFF at, and AUTO ON at correctly. Digital Photo Frame will automatically turn off its display exactly at the AUTO OFF time. If the time has already passed for the day, it will start entering AUTO OFF status at the specified time from the next day.

Will the LCD screen be damaged if I keep showing the same photo for a long time?
No. Digital Photo Frame can display the same photo continuously for 1,000 hours without any damage to the LCD screen.

 $ 77    
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