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Surfango Powersurf FX Surfango Powersurf FX

Go beyond conventional surfing with the new SURFANGO Powersurf FX.
Satisfy your need for speed as you cruise along on the ultimate surfboard equipped with its own 4-stroke 9.5 HP electric start engine. Your speed is easily controlled with the handheld throttle, while direction can be changed with the shift of your weight, allowing for amazing speed and maneuverability.
Even beginners are able to capture the exhilarating sensation of ripping through the wake. This superior surfboard is ideal for both fat and rough waters. Never before has there been a watercraft that combined the thrill of surfing, water-skiing, and jet skiing to create the ultimate ride.


  • Handheld throttle with start and stop button.
  • Non-slip foot pad
  • Electric Start
  • 2 Gallon Gas Tank: 3 hours or 75 mps at full throttle!
  • Optional EZ-Move Beach Cart
  • Patented Jet Pump with Weed Cutter


  • Dimensions: 97" x 27.5"
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Electric Start
  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Engine: 9.5hp Four-Stroke
  • Loop Water Cooling System
  • Max Payload capacity: 200 lbs
 2,657 €
 2,524 €
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Apple iPhone Limited Gold Edition Apple iPhone Limited Gold Edition

The Sayn Design Apple iPhone Limited Gold Edition is gilded in 24k gold and equipped with one substanti: al Sayn Design crown made out of 18k Gold.
Only best quality, best materials and exclusively made in germany!
The gilding is covered by a nano-technology surface to make sure that the shiny gold is scratch-proof.
This edition is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and is refined in german hand craft tradition "Made in Germany" only. The device will be delivered in an exclusive leather box with golden emblem on the front. The included certificate confirmes the quality of the used materials for the refinement. Additional the software is tuned with Sayn Design themes and background pictures.


Manufacturer: Apple
Type: iPhone
Refiner: Sayn Design®
Edition: Limited Gold Edition
Refinement: Device 24k gilded, protected by nano-technology surface
Sayn Design crown out of 18k gold
Exclusive Nappa-leather box with gilded application and engraving
Background pictures and themes of Sayn Design
Laser engraving of the Sayn Design logo at the backside
Refinement best quality Hand-Made in Germany
Warranty: 48 months on the refinement
24 months on the device
 1,188 €
 1,129 €
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