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R-SIM 13 One-time Activation Unlock SIM Card for iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4R-SIM 13 One-time Activation Unlock SIM Card for iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4R-SIM 13 is the new 2018-2019 RSIM unlocking solution for iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 5, 5C, 5S, 4, 4S.
Unlocking your iPhone with R-SIM 13 is easy and cost-effective! Unlike previous SIM unlocks, R-SIM 13 is a one-time unlocking solution. Just insert the RSIM 13 SIM into your phone and follow the on-screen instructions. Voilà, your phone is unlocked! Now you can remove it and use any SIM. It’s simple and easy, perfect for first-time users. One time for all in ICCID unlocking mode, makes your locked iPhone an unlocked one!
This new technology is a one-time unlocking solution. Older versions are typically interposer SIMs, meaning a small board that sticks to your SIM while you use the phone. These older methods are effective, but if you remove the interposer the phone will lock again. Each time you change the SIM card, you need to check that the interposer is in place in the tray and be careful not to damage it.
3 in 1 Smart Activation Unlock SIM Card: the newest iPhone unlocking smart R-Sim 13 card, no need 2 layer thick card (too thick card is harmful to iPhone cardtray), no need traditional activating card, no need card upgrading dongle, no need using together with phone card.
Unlocking program is more stable, quality is more durable:
  • suite-type CPU256K chip crystal, more stable voltage
  • faster unlocking speed, no lag even in exchanging ICCID
  • super longer standby.

How to use

Easy to operate, brand new smart unlocking STK program. Unlike market usual long-digitals input program, you only need to plug the R-Sim card into mobile phone as normal SIM card, and process emergency dialing to input pop-out code 5005*7672*00, input ICCID window will pop out, then complete it and press send button.
Use is simple:
  • Insert the RSIM 13 SIM
  • Dial 5005*7672*00
  • When prompted, type the ICCID code
R-SIM 13 doesn't need to stay in the phone, so you can use it to unlock many iPhones at once. After you finish, keep it so you can use it again each time you upgrade to a new iOS. This technology is a big improvement, allowing more freedom and flexibility.

The RSIM 13 is suitable to unlock any

  • iPhone X, XS and XS Max
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6, 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S
  • iPhone 4 and 4S
Supported up to iOS 12.1.4. (Unfortunately in 12.2 version Apple patched the unlock bug.)
 $ 6   R-SIM 13 One-time Activation Unlock SIM Card for iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4   R-SIM 13 One-time Activation Unlock SIM Card for iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4
Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapterSamsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter

Capture professional-quality photos and videos securely with high-performing and reliable Samsung Pro microSDXC memory cards. Save the moments of a lifetime. For a lifetime.
Up to 90 MB/s read and 80 MB/s write speeds, for high-quality photos and 4K UHD video recording.

Capture faster

Save your precious memories - fast. This UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) and Class 10 compatibility card is perfect for 4K UHD video recording & playback. And with faster read & write speeds of up to 90 MB/s (read) and 80 MB/s (write) respectively, you can also transfer files and shoot burst mode photos with minimal lag.

Transfer faster

[MB-MG64EA/EU] Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter

Transfer 660 photos (8 MB / photo) per minute. With a transfer speed of up to 90 MB per second, you can spend less time transferring memories, and more time making them.

A perfect partner

Get the most out of the latest smartphones, tablets, and 4K UHD action cameras. This memory card works perfectly with even the most advanced devices to protect your memories for life.

Amazing capacity

Save over 5 470 photos (28 MP (6480 x 4320) Super Fine, average file size: 11.5 MB), 8 hours and 10 minutes of Full HD video (1920 x 1080 / 60p, HQ, average file size: 127.7 MB), 1 hour and 50 minutes of 4K UHD video (4096 x 2160 / 24p, Pro, average file size: 530.9 MB) or 15 330 songs (average file size 4,1 MB). Download more media files and apps to your 4K UHD video-enabled smartphone, tablet, or action camera. And always know you've got plenty of space! (Attention: The storage capacity stated in the product specifications may be lower than the capacity reported by your computer’s operating system due to difference in measurement standards!)

4K UHD video

Capture the moments that matter as vividly as you remember them. Shoot professional-quality photos and 4K UHD videos that keep each memory safe and sound - and fresh as the day it happened.

[MB-MG64EA/EU] Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter


Samsung memory cards can survive up to 72 hours in seawater.


These memory cards can endure temperatures from -25° to 85° Celsius.


The cards protect your precious data from damage caused by airport X-ray machines.


Samsung Memory Cards can even resist magnetic fields of up to 15 000 gauss, the equivalent of a high-field MRI scanner. (Attention: Samsung is not liable for any damages and/or loss of data and expenses incurred from memory card data recovery!)


  • Product type: microSDXC memory card
  • Family line: Pro
  • Application: mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, action camera, drone, stb.
  • Capacity: 64 GB [1 GB = 1 billion byte] (Attention: Actual usable capacity may be less, due to formatting, operating system, applications or otherwise!)
  • Interface: UHS-I, compatible to HS interface
  • Speed Class: UHS-I Grade 3 (U3), Class 10
  • Speed:
    • read: up to 90 MB/s (with UHS-1)
    • write: up to 80 MB/s (with UHS-1)
    (Attention: Actual speed may vary depending on use host device conditions and environment!)
  • 4-proof protection: heat, water, magnetic and X-Ray
  • Operating voltage: 2,7 ~ 3,6 V
  • Operating temperature: -25 ~ 85 °C [MB-MG64EA/EU] Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter
  • Humidity: 40 °C, 93%, 500 hours (storage)
  • Durability: 10 000 mating cycle
  • Warranty: 10 years limited
  • Dimension (W × H × D): 15 × 11 × 1 mm
  • Weight: approx 0,5 g

Package contents:

  • Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB memory card
  • SD adapter
 $ 46   Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter   Samsung Pro micro SDXC 64 GB (Class 10, UHS-I Grade U3, read 90 MB/s, write 80 MB/s) memory card for 4K UHD video with SD adapter
Turbo SIM Card (No Cut)Turbo SIM Card (No Cut)

Looking to unlock your Blackberry or Nokia? Or how about that new Samsung or Motorola? One this is for sure, if you do want to unlock your phone, you don’t want to void the warranty. With some of the SIM unlock solutions out there, voiding the warranty is exactly what you have to do.

We are offering universal SIM unlock which does not require you doing anything to your phone(s). Simply fit your SIM card on top of the unlock card and start your jibber-jabber.

This latest Universal SIM Unlock card can unlock most network-locked GSM mobile phones (including 3G phones). You just need simply put the unlocking card in your mobile phone’s SIM slot along with your regular (or other providers) SIM card (it sits in between the SIM card and the contacts on the phone. Once this happens you are granted access to the new network and can make a call. This SIM unlock card does not really touch your mobile phone’s firmware and keeps it completely clean. Once the card is removed the phone will remain locked.

Because of it’s very thin & slim design, it fits into most phone’s and can also be easily removed again. It’s got Gold Immersion and makes perfect contact with the card and the socket at all times.

Attention: Nokia telephones with after 11-2008 software yet not supported! Can you check the software version with the *#0000# code.

Features & Specifications

  • Universal SIM unlock card, no need to cut SIM card
  • Easy to use by just adhere it to the SIM card
  • Works with all cell phones of all countries(Find below for compatible models)
  • Frees your cellphone for any GSM network provider
  • Works with more than 1,500 models phones
  • Unlock your mobile phone without risk & void of Warranty
  • Works with All Networks and Regions
  • Continuous and stable signals
  • Work with 2G or 3G sim cards
  • No firmware modification is required
  • No damage to the phone
  • No interrupt any services
  • No affect your warranty
  • No influence to the communication between the phone and the network
  • No need any technical knowledge to use it
  • Ultra thin, completely fits in between SIM card and the 6-pin connector of the phone

Installation Procedure

  1. Put the SIM unlock into the slot of SIM tray
  2. Attach SIM card together with SIM unlock
  3. Slide the SIM tray into the Phone SIM cabinet

Compatible Models List

8700f, 7130g, Bold, 9000, 7130c, Pearl 8110, 7130v, 8120, 8707v, Curve 8320, 8700c, Curve 8310, 7100x, Curve 8300, 7100t, 8810, 8300, 8820, 7100v, 8830, 7290, 8800, 7730, 7230, 6230, 6720

Z9, V8, V9, V3xx, Z6w, W490, Z3, Z6c, W395, K1, W181, W380, W375, W161, W360, W209, W270, W218, W208, W230, Z8, F3, U9, K3, W220, Z10, L9, V195, E8, Q 9h, V191, W377, Q 8, E2, W213, W510, W180, W215, E1, W160, W205, A910, V1100, Z6, A1200, U3, E6, A728, L7e, A732, V9, V6, E895

5800XM, 5320XM, N97, N86, N95, N79, N85, 7610s, 6220c, E71, N78, 5130XM, N81, N73, N80, N97 mini, 7088, N75, 5320, 8860, 7610C, 5610, 6700c, 6208c, 6303c, 2608, 2700c, 5611XM, 5730XM, N95 3G, 6120, N83, 5220C, N70, N72, N71, N92, N76, N77, N75, N82, N95-8GB, N96, 7500, 5310, 8800SE, 7310, 2660, 6265, 6210N, 7900, 8600, 2630, 7510a, 7210c, 6212c, 5208, 3610a, E66, 7070, 6650f, 6600s, 6600f, 6210s, 5220XM, 3600s, 2680s, 7310c, 3109c, 6122c, 2600c, E63, 8800SA, 8800CA, 7100s, 6260s, 2323C, 8800A, 6263, 3500c, 5610XM, 5310XM, E51, 6555, 6120c, 6110N, 7900P, 6500c, 6131i, 5700, 8600L, 6500s, 7088, 3110c, 2660, 2630, E65, 5070, 2626, E62, 6301, 6300, 8800e, 6290, 5710XM, 6275, 7390, 6088, E50, 6080, 5300, 5200, 2865, 5500, E61, 6131, 6070, 2610, 6268, 3250, E70, E60, 8800S, 7373, 6234, 6233, 6151, 6136, 6133, 7610, 7370, 7360, 6708, 6270, 6152, 6111, 6060, 8800, 6255, 6681, 3230, 6020, 7280, 6822, 6680, 6280, 6030, 6630, 7270, 7260, 6670, 6260, 6170, 7610

W200i, W910, G502, K530, Z780, V640, T303, Z320, XPERIA, X1 Z250, G900, P1, K300, Z310, K700, K510, K800, K770, K810, K310, K508, K850, K550, K618, G700, T650, W980, S500, C902, T250, C702, Z750, Z770, W580, T280, W660, T270, W880, W660, K750, W900, W850, W580, Z610, W810, W910, W960, K770, S500, J220, P990, J100, P1, T610, P960, T230, V630, V600, R306, Radio, K810, R300, W610, W760, K550, Z555, K220, W350, K205, W890, K200, K660, J120, W380, J110, K630, K550im, K770, W888, K850, W960

Touch Diamond, Advantage X7500, Advantage X7510, S710, P3470, P3350, Touch Cruise HTC P3400, Touch, P4350, P6500, P3600i, S730, P3600, TyTN II, P3300, S630, S620, Touch S310, P6300, HTC TyTN, HTC Shift, HTC MTeoR

i-mate Ultimate, JAQ4 i-mate SP5m, Ultimate 8502, PDAL i-mate SP4m, JAMA 201, JAQ3 i-mate JAM Black, JAMA 101, i-mate SPL i-mate JAM, i-mate JAMA, i-mate JAQ, i-mate PDA2, i-mate Ultimate 9150, i-mate JASJAM, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate Ultimate 815, i-mate SPJAS,i-mate SP3i, i-mate Ultimate 7150, i-mate Smartflip, i-mate SP3, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mate JAMin i-mate Pocket PC, i-mate Ultimate 5150, i-mate JASJAR i- mate Smartphone2, i-mate SP5, i-mate K-JAM

U900, KP235, KU950, LGU310, KP220, KS10, LGU890, KP210, KU311, LGKU580, KP130, CU575, KF600, KP100, CU515, KF750, Secret KU380, CU500V, CU915 Vu U960 CE110, KF700, KG290, KU250, KF510, KS20, KE260, KT610, KU990, KE800, KP320, KE990, KE820, KT520, KE500, KU800, KM710, KG280, U830, KF310, KG275, L343i, KF300, KU580, KM500, KE850, KG375, KU970, KE770, CU720, KM330, KE970

445, 544, 320, 485

e238, 804N, , N150, e1108, N923, e373, N160, N100, N200, N109, N900iG, N110, N343i, e101, N401i, N500, e540, N411i, N342i, N600i, 802, e949, L1, N750, e122, N840, e121, N850, e353, N630, N938, N930, N908, N940, N500iS, N500i, e636, F1 Renault,

Orion, Comet, Exec, Nova, mini S, Terra X2i, Argon X7, Star, phone Cocoon, Xphone IIm, Flame X1b, XDA Stellar, Atom, Orbit II, Atom Life XM, Zinc X4, Graphite , II mini, Orbit, IIs Cosmo, IIi, Stealth Xphone II, Jet X3, Ice X2, Atom Exec X1i, Trion, II, Neo, Xphone XDA

750v, 500v, 650, 750, 600, 680, 270, 180

Pantech G200, PG-1200, G300, PG-1400, G500, PG-6100, G700, PG-6200, G800, PG-8000, G600, PG-1500, G900, PG-3500, GB100, PG-3600, GB200, PG-3600V, GB300, PG-2800, GF200, PG-1900, GI100, PG-3900, G670, PG-1300, GF100, PG-1800, PG3000, PG-1600, GF500, PU- 5000, PG-1000s, PG-330, PG-3200, U-4000

X800 Xenium9@9w, M600 Xenium9@9m, Xenium9@9v, Xenium9@9r, 192 Xenium9@9h, 191 292, Xenium9@9j 290, Xenium9@9u, Xenium9@9g, 392 Xenium9@9f, 692, 580, 699 Dual SIM S890, 892 S660, 399 180, 390 Xenium9@9s, Xenium9@9z 680, Xenium9@9k S900

9600, S100, 8600, 9090, 8500, 8020, S200, 8010, 9000, 2020i, 8310, 2020, 8300, 8080, 9100, 8060, 8100, 1010, S110, 7070

W8, my700X, my101X, my600X, my100X, my TV 2, my600V, VS4, my855c, my511X, VS3, my750x, my501X, VS2, my721x, my501C, VS1, my721z, my500X, my V-85, my519x, my411X, MY V-76, my521x, my405X, MY V-56, my419x, my401X, myW-7, my429x, my401Z, my421x, my401C, myC2-3, my411c, my400V, myZ-5, my312x, my400X, myC5-3, my234x, my302X, myC3-2, my231x, my301X, myZ-55, my230x, my300X, my X6-2, my220x, my300C, my X2-2, my901C, my215x, myC5-2, my900C, my210x, my X1-2, my850C, my200x, my X-8, my800X, my200C my X-4, my150X

P910, SPH-i325 Ace, T509, M620, i640, T439, D780, L320, T429, F110, L310, T409, G400, L170, T739, U900, T819, T729, F480, F490, T539 Beat G810, G800 ,L600, B200, Z630, B110, D880, G600, P960, i780, M610, i200, i560, M600, F400, i550, M110, X150, E420, F600, J600, D600E, A411, X480, SC707, C450, X640, V700, F900, J400, E370, L760, J700, F330, B500, J630, F250, B100, J210, i450, S730i, J150, S720i, L770, J610, J200, E251, P260, L760, A746, J400, F700,A727, J750, E950, A717, A737, F 210, A437, A517, F200, A127, T819, A117, T639

SX862, GX17, GX18, GX40, 880SH, 902, GX34, 802, GX33, TM200, 705SH, S harp GX25, 904, TM150, 770SH, TM100, 550SH, V801SH, GX29, GX30, 903, GX15, 703, GX22, GX10, GX20, GX10i

TS10, TS32, TS803, TX80, TS808, TS605, TS921, G500, 705T, G900, 903T, T oshiba G450, 904T, G710, TX62, G910, TS608, G810, TS705

Ben Q-Siemens
S68, A38, S88, A58, EF81, M81, EF51, EF61, S81, E71, EF91, E81, E61, SL91, C81, AL26, CF61, SL80, CL71, C31, EL71, C32, P51, E52, EF71, SF71

P700, X500, P300, M700, P300B, X800, M500, X500+, M600, X600, G500, M800, M600+, X650, G500+, M810, M550, M750

h6310, hw6915, h6315, rw6818, h6320, rw6828, h6325, rw6815, hw6510, 514, hw6515, 610c, hw6910, 910c

G600, P341i, GD30, A100 Series, GD70, A200, GD90, A500, GD92, X100, GD93, X200, GD35, X300, GD75, X400, GD95, X500, GD67, X700, GD87, Z800, GD55, X800, G50, A210, G60, SC3, X70, SA6, X66, SA7, X88, MX6, G51, MX7, G70, VS2, X11, VS3, X68/X77, VS6, VS7

Noted: the universal unlock sim card not unlock all cell phone, please inform us the mobile phone before purchase!

 $ 10   Turbo SIM Card (No Cut)   Discontinued product
Universal Anti Slip Sticky Pad Cell Phone Holder (Nano Pad)Universal Anti Slip Sticky Pad Cell Phone Holder (Nano Pad)

Can stick it on any level, can be used to put up mobile telephone, business cards, message papers, etc, and will not cause any damage in affxed to the surface.


  • Smooth and glossy surface.
  • Washable, removable, and reusable. Sticky pad is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty. While losing visecidity because of the dust. Cleaning and drying it, and you can use it again.
  • Fit for dashboard, center console or window.
  • Hold your cell phone, iPhone, money, sunglasses, iPod or any other personal items with flat surface.
  • Easy installation (place on any unpainted dashboard, center console or window), no adhesive or magnet use.
  • Environmental products for the production of materials, and soil contact. Will be dildegradable and non-polluting.
  • Fragrant smell, nontoxic, alarming adsorption power, and can be stopping the slippery cushion and sticking use of doble-sided.
  • Clustering elastomer, withstand high temperatures without deformation, and the temperature in the minus can use.


  • Material: High quality aircraft type soft vinyl surface elastic material polymer (PVC)
  • Color: black, clear, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
  • Size: 8.5 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 26 g
 $ 5   Universal Anti Slip Sticky Pad Cell Phone Holder (Nano Pad)   Universal Anti Slip Sticky Pad Cell Phone Holder (Nano Pad)
VicTsing Multi-function OTG & MHL to HDMI (1080p) & Charger Smart Desktop Docking Station Holder (11 pin) for Samsung S3/S4VicTsing Multi-function OTG & MHL to HDMI (1080p) & Charger Smart Desktop Docking Station Holder (11 pin) for Samsung S3/S4

This is the newest OTG, MHL to HDMI Multi-function Charger Dock, which is an innovative product and especially designed for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Samsung Note 2. It has unique streamline appearance, rounded corner and powerful functions.
This item can firmly stand your phone on the table and perfectly transfer the 1080p high-definition videos and the 8-channel audio of smart phones and tablets to the high-definition television and Home theater system and play them. Meantime, it can charge smart phones (such as, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Samsung Note 2), Samsung's tablet (T310/T311 series). With this product, you can perfectly use the phone's OTG function and connect this item to your mouse, keyboard, USB flash disk, storage card, camera, speaker, printer or other USB devices. Your smart phone will bring you the endless fun and can control everything, you can freely enjoy the digital life.


  • 11-pin connector
  • Compact, portable design
  • Charge your Samsung smartphone and tablet with micro-USB interface
  • Suitable for Samsung mobile phones and tablets which have MHL (up to 1080p resolution, bandwidth between 25 ~ 75 MHz) and OTG functions
  • Dual USB 2.0 interfaces: supports USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB flash disk, storage card, camera, speaker, printer, etc. connection to your Samsung smartphone
  • Supports HDMI output
  • Support 5.1 3D sound input and output


  • Compatible with Samsung 11-pin connector models, such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Samsung Note 2, Samsung's tablet (T310/T311 series)
  • MHL to HDMI (Video):
    • 1 × MHL (USB Micro-B) input and 1 × HDMI (Type-A female) output
    • Supported HD Resolution: 720p/60Hz, 1080i/60Hz, 1080p/24Hz/30Hz
    • Supported frequency range: 25 ~ 75 MHz
  • 4 in 1 Card Reader: support SD(HC)/TF/MS/M2 memory card
  • Interface: 1 × micro-USB port, 2 × USB ports, HDMI, Audio (3.5 mm earphone jack), M/M2, SD/TF
  • Input: 5 V / 1 A
  • Output: 5 V / 1 A
  • Material: ABS, UV treatment, piano stoving varnish
  • Color: Black, White
  • Size: 13.5 × 8 × 6 cm
  • Package weight: 6.3 oz / 171 g

Package contents:

  • 1 × Multi-Function (OTG, MHL to HDMI) Desktop Charger Dock
  • 1 × USB charging Cable (85 cm)
 $ 35   VicTsing Multi-function OTG & MHL to HDMI (1080p) & Charger Smart Desktop Docking Station Holder (11 pin) for Samsung S3/S4   VicTsing Multi-function OTG & MHL to HDMI (1080p) & Charger Smart Desktop Docking Station Holder (11 pin) for Samsung S3/S4
Vintage Radio Cassette Tape Recorder Player Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4SVintage Radio Cassette Tape Recorder Player Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S

Vintage Radio Cassette Tape Recorder Player Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S


  • 100% Brand New and High quality Back Hard Case
  • Ultra slim and custom-fit, with open-face design for easy operation
  • Durable Material ensures the long life of your mobile phone
  • Protect your iPhone from scratches, dust, shocks, etc
  • Clips on easily but securely
  • Perfect fit for your mobile phone
  • Compatible with: Apple iPhone 4/4S
 $ 5   Vintage Radio Cassette Tape Recorder Player Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S   Vintage Radio Cassette Tape Recorder Player Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S
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