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iNew V3 ultra thin Dual SIM Smartphone (Android 4.2.2, MTK6582 Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 5'' HD IPS Multi-Touch Screen, 3G/WCDMA + GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Dual Camera: 5 / 13 MP, NFC, OTG)iNew V3 ultra thin Dual SIM Smartphone (Android 4.2.2, MTK6582 Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 5'' HD IPS Multi-Touch Screen, 3G/WCDMA + GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Dual Camera: 5 / 13 MP, NFC, OTG)

iNew V3 Android Smart Phone is the latest iNew Android V series Mobile Phone. iNew V3 Mobile features MTK MK6582 Processor 1.3GHz, with Dual Camera, support GPS, Bluetooth and WIFI, support NFC, OTG, Gyroscope Sensor, etc.

Extreme Creativity extremely thin
Super slim, only 6.5 mm. Ultra-light, only 128 grams.
iNew V3

Detailed works and great efforts, the best innovation

The priority on INew V3 project were innovative and creative.With the iNew R&D of the persistence and unremitting efforts, many new technologies were cleverly into only 6.5 mm thickness weight 128 grams of body. Realize such great work, Model V3 was imposed a lot innovative outstanding designs. Finally, the smart phone with amazing, ultra slim, very extraordinary, and outstanding performance, was launched by iNew. With the amazing designs, iNew V3 would be starting to launch into the international market, to create a new starting point. Although facing engineering design challenges and burdened with the craftsman spirit of innovation, innovation mission,we finally manage to strive to the body thickness of 6.5 mm, no more increase its dimension and weight,meanwhile, manage to put the wonderful functions to the more functions for iNew V3.

Depth (mm) 
Weight (g) 
iNew V3
iNew V3iNew V3

Top camera, make the world most beautiful

The new generation of 13 MPixels camera with SONY chip, advantage F2.0 large aperture.
Better than 12M pixel Casio, especially seize the color in nature, night scene, and the large aperture shooting portrait are better than the professional SLR camera.

  • iNew V3
  • iNew V3
  • iNew V3
  • iNew V3
  • iNew V3

Sony 13 MPixels camera, large large aperture F2.0 night shooting artifact

Excellent to take the photo with the weak light environment, Sony 13M pixel camera with dual Philips LED flash, Sony Exmor RS series photosensitive components, stack structure brings the superfine pixel spacing & screen delicate.By 5 groups of special lenses and blue glass infrared filter, restore the true color, also support the CPU real-time HDR function, bring more shot funs. The front camera 5 MPixels, more suitable for self-photo-shot.

NFC short distance wireless technology

iNew V3 NFC is a kind of innovative technology. NFC is a near field technology, also known as the short distance wireless communication, which is a kind of short distance wireless technology with high frequency, allowing for non contact type electronic equipmentPoint to point data transmission and exchanging. It would be widely applied to, access control management, tickets etc. The users will be able to touch and go when the equipment, storing the ticket or passwords, touch the card reader. On the other hand, it is used for logistics management. Touch and pay, data transmission, download music, pictures to each other and exchange mail list etc.

iNew V3

Extremely clear, best view

OGS Full Lamination, Super-Quality AUO Display, 5'' ultra-sensitive touch retina screen, 16:9 HD LCD, Pixel density 326 PPI
iNew V3 with the OGS full lamination technology. The display screen is formed directly on the touch screen, non-air-gap, transparent embellish bright, pure color and text, pictures, feel like floating on the hand - highest quality touching experience. Meanwhile, the display 30% slimmer and the transmission to enhance the rate of 10 %.

iNew V3

Corning Gorilla Glass 2nd generation

Corning 2nd generation steel material external screen, wear resistance, image display sharper than the previous generation, visible scratches less by 40 % and 40 % increase structural strength.

iNew V3iNew V3iNew V3

5.0 inch HD display, watch the IMAX movie at home

5.0 inch, 1280 x 720 pixels (HD), support for playback via software 720p HD TV and movies, and supports surround sound with the high-quality speakers, you would enjoy perfectly on the best bass, even the normal headphones have the nice experience.

iNew V3

1 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM big memory

iNew V3 would give you the best experience, 1GB RAM + 16 GB ROM mass storage, you can have a number of interesting and fun App, play lots of wonderful games, HD video play, save every good moment during the life.

iNew V3

AUO 5 inch ultra-sensitive touch retina display

AUO 5 inch ultra-sensitive touch retina display, made by Corning Glass, and ultra-sensitive TP, you would experience them freely and any time even if it is in the extreme cold weather, wet or gloved hands-touching.

iNew V3

Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

New Android 4.2.2 OS, more concise, more beautiful, more smooth, better visual experienced animations the best Android OS by the time, add the newest UI features, intelligent voice search, Google Now, etc. Plug-speed camera automatically adjust the displaying and photo shotting optimization, motion operation, speedy unlock, you would feel not only the speed and passion, but also the detailed depth optimization, leading to the pure-hearted needs.

iNew V3

Changing themes, colorful life, everything is ready

You can download more in line with your own theme color to inject more life you want, we can meet, Baidu theme, 360 topics, go themes, exciting theme one less.

iNew V3

More fresh features, by your experience

Simultaneous HD TV via WiFi Display wireless, unbelievable visual enjoyment. With the gyroscope, when you play racing games, giving you a true experience effects, 360° freedom of control.

iNew V3
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