iPhone 4S style Stun Gun iPhone 4S style Stun Gun iPhone 4S style Stun Gun

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iPhone 4S style Stun Gun
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iPhone 4S style Stun Gun
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The iPhone Stun Gun designed to resemble a very popular smart phone design (iPhone 4/4s), making it the thinnest stun gun of the world. The hidden shocker in iPhone style. It is rather powerful to strike and beat off desire. Having at itself such shocker involuntarily you feel as the superspy. It is a full-fledged shocker, it is very convenient in use. Doesn't draw attention. It is ideal for women or as a gift to the woman or girl. It emits a staggering electric shock capable of incapacitating an attacker. Although the iPhone Stun Gun cannot be used to make calls or browse the internet, it is a stealthy and effective personal security device.
This self-defensive iPhone 4S style Stun gun has several special functions such as high voltage electric shock and strong illumination. It is an ideal self defense device for law enforcement, security guards and civilians due to their extended reach and power. Self-defensive Stun gun is made of ABS engineering plastic and alloy metal with a high voltage generator and a built-in nickel-cadmium (before first use need format: charge about 24 h) rechargeable battery. It has an advanced electric pulse technology.
A Stun Gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the Stun Gun quickly immobilizes the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.
Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound doesn't stop him a jolt from this stun gun certainly will bring an attacker down in just 2 seconds! When an attacker is touched by the stun gun it will disrupt the message the brain sends to the voluntary muscles. Simply touching an attacker will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm.
Stun Guns are designed to key into the nervous system. They dump their energy into the muscles at a different frequency than the pulse waves emanating from the brain. The pulse waves coming from the brain and those from the stun gun collide at the nerve synapse' which is a type of complex processing switch adjacent to each muscle group. The resulting energy collision makes it difficult for an attacker to move and function. This causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a passive and confused condition for several minutes. Still, stun guns have no significant effect on the heart and other organs.
As a general rule, a one-half second contact from a stun gun will repel and startle the attacker, giving some pain and muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. Over three seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation.
However, don't think about how many seconds you should hold the Stun Gun to your attacker. Think about it this way. Throw out what the books say and the online information you have read about Stun Guns. You should hold your stun gun to the assailant until they drop and you can get away and call the police, whether that may be one second or six seconds.
The electrical shock that emits from the stunning device will not pass from the person being stunned to the person doing the stunning. The effect is localized only in the affected area and does not pass through the body.

Usage and attention:

  • The iPhone 4S style Stun Gun has a three position sliding safety switch. Slide the switch left one notch to activate the LED flashlight located on the top of the gun. Slide the switch all the way up to activate the stun trigger button:
    • Push leftward the switch first gear to illuminate
    • Push leftward the switch second gear to shock
  • Blinding LED Flashlight. The flashlight function is not limited to giving sufficient light if you are in a dark place but you can temporarily blind your attacker.
  • The quantity of electric may be not adequate enough after accomplished, so please check first before using.
  • This product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in charger. Connect the tie line with the electric power to charge.
  • The charge time should be 3-5 hours, please pay attention to end the charging time. During charging-up it can't be used!
  • Memory function and local action are specialized in rechargeable battery. After a long period of non-use, it should be checked and charged one more time before using.
  • The stun gun should not be stored in a humid environment and kept in super high/low temperature. It shouldn't be sunned or rained.
  • In order to prolong the life span of usage, please avoid using electric shock function continually for 5 seconds or more!
  • Do not shock metal objects!
  • Do not shock children, persons with heart disease and any vital part on human body!

Main parameters:

  • Stun gun with LED flashlight and colorful flash lamp
  • High-Power LED Flashlight with strong illumination
  • Non-Slip Surface and Rubber Grip
  • Security On/Off Switch To Prevent Accidental Discharge
  • Rechargeable Battery and AC Adapter
  • Source volateg: 4 V
  • Output pulse voltage: 800+ kV
  • Size: 115 × 60 × 10 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
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