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Spy & Security Technics
Remote Controlled Invisible Car License Plate Hide Cover Frame (European)Remote Controlled Invisible Car License Plate Hide Cover Frame (European)

This European plastic remote controlled license plate hide cover frame for have lots of very useful functions:

  • They are standardized and fit ideally European Union license plates (EU size).
  • You can hide your license plates instantly, within 2 seconds. You just need to push the button on your remote controller and front and rear license plate becomes covered and invisible (together or separately).
  • They work even you drive very fast (we have tested them on closed racetrack up to 250 km/h or 155 mph).
  • You always know whether your license plates are hidden or not - product contains led controller, which shows clearly the status.
  • Registration / license plates can be hidden despite tough weather (rain, frost, sunshine, extreme temperature fluctuations) - frames are produced of thick and tough ABS plastic, covering material is very durable. Therefore hide cover frame are for long - term usage.
  • Frames looks exactly like typical car license frames, which makes them discreet and nice looking.
  • They are very customized and could be used in almost all vehicles (car, truck or SUV).


  • Keep privacy during riding on closed racetracks.
  • To block photo radars and red light cameras.
  • To block receiving speed tickets.
  • To sleep comfortably! :)

This is a curtain model license plate hiding system; every set has 2 license plates, plate A and plate B. There are 3 buttons (A, B and AB) on the remote controller and main unit, Press A/B button once, the A/B curtain will roll down to cover the license plate number, press again A/B, the curtain will roll up and show the license plate number. If press AB button once, you can control the two plate at the same time. There is an LED indicator show the condition of the license plate curtain status.


  • Anti-concealed cameral.
  • Safeguarding personal privacy.
  • Same as the common car license plate, pretty appearance and covert.
  • Anti-rust, stable quality, for long term use.
  • Fast-move, just need 2 seconds, can meet your urgent needs.
  • The car license plate was made by high quality car board material. High intensity, never get rust. The cushion use aging-prevents army used canvas, can completely afford the sunshine, rain, frost and any high temperature or worse environment.


  • Input voltage: DC 12V
  • Rating current: 0.6 A
  • Rating power: 2 W
  • Length of wire: 1 × 1 m, 1 × 3.8 m, 1 × 5.8 m / external indicator light: 1 m
  • Distance of control: about 50 m
  • Time of ascent and descent: 2 seconds
  • Dimension of license plate (mm): 535 (L) × 133 (W) × 25 (H)

Package content:

  • 2 × EU license plate frames with cover / roller blind
  • Central unit
  • LED controller (shows whether plates are covered or uncovered)
  • Remote controller
  • Complete set of cables (power cable can be finished like cigar lighter or to be connected directly to battery)
  • Complete set of screws and nuts
  • Service manual with detailed instruction how to connect whole set (it is really easy).
 $ 145   Remote Controlled Invisible Car License Plate Hide Cover Frame (European)   Remote Controlled Invisible Car License Plate Hide Cover Frame (European)
Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player + Unlocked GSM CellphoneSpy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player + Unlocked GSM Cellphone

Manufacturer Specifications

  • GSM Compatibility: 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Screen: 1.3 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
  • Screen Resolution: 128x160
  • Screen Palette : 260,000 Colors
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree and Headset and A2DP (listen to music over Bluetooth!)
  • Multimedia:
  • Camera: Still 128 x 160, Video 128 x 104
  • Movie Formats: MPEG4 (AVI), 3GP with audio
  • Music Sound Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR
  • Voice Recording: AMR
  • Cell Phone Menu: Phonebook, Messages, Call History, Settings, Multimedia, Games, Profiles, Organizer, Services
  • Support for GPRS and WAP
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese
  • Storage: Trans Flash/MicroSD card up to 2GB (1GB included)
  • Power Source: 3.7 Volt Li Ion Battery, USB Charging and Separate Battery Charger
  • Bluetooth Headset Support: Version 1.2, Class 2 (10 Meters)
  • Profiles: Headset, Handsfree, A2DP
  • Battery Life:
  • Talk Time: Up to 3 hrs
  • Music Play: Up to 12 hrs
  • Stand By: Up to 25 hrs
  • Dimension: 50 x 17 x 45 mm (L x W x D) Watch Face, 250mm Length with Strap
  • Dimensions: 53.6 x 25.5 x 23.6mm (Main Body)

Other Features

  • Tri Band Operation for Easy Roaming
  • Stylus for precise navigation
  • Multimedia Features: Camera, Image Viewer, Video Recorder, Video Player, Photo Editor, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, File Manager
  • Organizer Features: Calendar, To Do List, Alarm, Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, World Clock


  • Bluetooth Headset
  • 1GB Micro SD Card
  • Manuals
  • 2 x Battery
  • USB Bluetooth Kit Charging Cable
  • USB Watch Charging / Data Transfer Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Stand Alone Battery Charger
 $ 86   Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player + Unlocked GSM Cellphone   Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player + Unlocked GSM Cellphone
Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player 8 GBSpy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player 8 GB

Detailed Product Description:

  • hidden watch camera
  • Capacity: Real 8GB
  • Photography & video recording function1.3 mega pixels
  • Camcorder pixels: 352 x 288 Format : AVI/3GP
  • Camera pixels: 640 x 480, 1280 x 1024 (adjustable)
  • 1.8 TFT full color screen High resolution: 160 x 128 lattice for photographing, positioning and playing back.
  • Built-in Li-battery: It can play audio for 5 hours and video for 3 hours continuously (max)  
  • Time and date display
  • Alarm function
  • Multi-audio frequency, such as MP1MP2MP3WMAWAV music format
  • AVI/3GP format movie playing function
  • E-book reading function
  • JPEG picture browsing function
  • 5 EQ modes: common, popular, rock, classic, jazz
  • 4 play modes: play in turn, single song repeats, random play, all songs repeat
  • Language choice: Chinese - Sim,Chinese - Tradition, Tradition - BIG, English, Korean, Japanese.Default language is English.
  • Music speed shift function
  • External amplifier function (controlled by earphone, no such function once inserting it)
  • Recording and preserving WAV format documents thru microphone, realizing truly digital repeat function by segment repeat or contrast repeat alternatively
  • Auto Power Off function
  • USB mini 5pin port
  • No driver installation is needed if the operating system is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Mac OS 9.2.2 or above (windows98 is excepted)
  • Stainless steel watchband
  • Full one year warranty
  • Important!! P.S: In the state of power off , long press the PLAY key for 3 seconds, the player will display time, and then short press PLAY key, you are able to access the menu interface.

Wear your music and videos on your wrist with this amazing digital wrist watch! This fully functional digital wrist watch with a 1.8-inch TFT screen! It supports JPEG, MP3, WMA, MP4, Txt and voice recording, so you can enjoy muisc, video, e-book, pictures of you're loved ones anytime! Also you can voice record anytime and anywhere with this wristwatch which is built-in Microphone.

Package including:

1/ mp4 watch

1 / English User Manual

1 / Driver CD

1 / Stereo Headphone

1 / USB Cable

1 / wall charger

 $ 67   Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player 8 GB   Spy Cam Watch + MP3/MP4 player 8 GB
The Smallest Mini GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker with SOS and Dual Talk Plarform (RF-V16)The Smallest Mini GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker with SOS and Dual Talk Plarform (RF-V16)

It is the smallest GPS tracker and SOS communicator in the world which with high acoustic fidelity, high sensitivity pickup and top GPS chip. RF-V16 could position faster with higher accuracy and lower power consumption.
This GPS tracker and SOS communicator could be extremely helpful to children and the elderly in emergency situations thanks to its easy-to-use emergency response functions. GPS Tracker + SOS Communicator = Most Effective Emergency System!


  • The super mini GPS tracker
  • Fast positioning, low power consumption chip design: GPS SiRf Star IV
  • GPS Positioning accuracy: ~ 5-15 m
  • GSM network: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz (work with all GSM network)
  • Multiple tracking way: SMS, Internet Website, (Android & iOS) App, Chat; there is always a suitable one for you
  • Trajectory playback
  • Geo-fence
  • 2 way communication
  • Click for SOS help
    • unique function for quick response in emergencies
    • pressing button "S" on the communicator will trigger an automatic sending of current location of your child to the five emergency contact numbers and five calls to the numbers until the calls are answered
  • Click for call
    • a must for quick response in emergencies!
    • the device support calls to emergency contacts only, avoids misdialing and random calls
    • one click will start communications in emergencies
    • no need to learn to use
  • 3 modes to answer incoming call / 3 kinds of communication methods to protect your family's safety:
    • push-to-talk
    • auto-answer
    • silent monitoring
  • Low battery alert: when the battery left is less than 10 %, it will send SMS notifications to emergency contacts (10 % of the battery can support about 2 hours of standby time and around five minutes of talk time)
  • Change SIM alert (prevention of thievery): when the SIM was changed the tracker will send SMS alert: SIM card has been changed
  • Super long GSM standby time, up to 300 hours (it's about 12 days)
    • 50 hours with per 10 min upload data one time
  • Size: 40 × 34 × 15 mm
  • (Light)Weight: easy to carry around, weights merely 28 grams
  • The New machines need to be recharged For 3- 4 hours be Fore use inorderto achieve the best results, please use our distribute charger avoid damagetothe host

Package contents:

  • 1 × RF-V16 GPS tracker and SOS communicator
  • 1 × Power charger
  • 1 × USB cable
  • 1 × Hang rope
  • 1 × User Manual
 $ 97   The Smallest Mini GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker with SOS and Dual Talk Plarform (RF-V16)   The Smallest Mini GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker with SOS and Dual Talk Plarform (RF-V16)
Universal Motorcycle License Plate FlipperUniversal Motorcycle License Plate FlipperBack flip for motorcycle. Electric motorized license plate hide flipper gadget, like ones used in James Bond movies. Install this easy to use retractable license plate gadget and easily hide Universal Motorcycle License Plate Flipperyour license plate at motorcycle meets, shows, events, photoshoots and more. This device is great for use at shows and track events. Universal Motorcycle License Plate FlipperFits any motorcycle, scooter or ATV with any size (US, CA, UK, EU, RU, GR, AU, ...) license plate.
It is 100% automatic/electric, flip a switch. Installs in no time with just a screwdriver. Comes with everything you need.


  • switch controlled, switch case can be mounted on handlebar
  • LED indicator shows the position of the plate
  • power: 12 V & 36 W (powered by your bikes battery)
  • materials: hi-strength plastic with black carbon foil and some steel parts
  • waterproof and weatherproof
  • tested up to 200 km/h, working even at speed over 200 km/hUniversal Motorcycle License Plate Flipper Dimensions
  • secure splints
  • winker mount plates
  • flip angle: 90° degrees
  • plate is retained in the end positions (shown and hidden) from spring and 2 strong magnets with adjustable retained force
  • adjustable mounting angle
  • five mounting options in one product for sport, tour, enduro, cruiser and choppers
  • mounting plate with many holes and slots for universal fitment
See picture with dimensions to be sure that bracket can be mount on your motorcycle. Modifications may be required (mounting holes drilling or additional auxiliary details).

 $ 207   Universal Motorcycle License Plate Flipper   Universal Motorcycle License Plate Flipper
UPro P5 Location Bluetooth / LBS / GPS Tracker and Remote Monitor with GSM/GPRS and Phone / SOS Alarm function Smartwatch for KidsUPro P5 Location Bluetooth / LBS / GPS Tracker and Remote Monitor with GSM/GPRS and Phone / SOS Alarm function Smartwatch for Kids

Kid smartwatches have many variants, we need to choose the most practical and most competitive one, so today we choose this UPro P5 smartwatch for kids. This intelligent children wear watch supports GPS tracker and phone call for iOS and Android OS. You can use it track your kids location to know if he or she is safe. With UPro P5 no longer afraid of the baby outside our family!
UPro P5 has 42 × 40 × 12.8 mm dimensions, made of food grade silicone with environmental protection. So it will not hurt the baby to wear it. It’s built in 420mAh battery which can support 96 hours standby time, supporting GPS/LBS and Bluetooth positioning, which can locate indoor 30 meters and 50 meters outdoor. You can insert a micro SIM card to make phone call contact your kids.
As for other features, it supports safe fence, emergency help, remote call, remote alarm clock for your kids life. Most importantly, it has four positing ways such as GPS, phone base station (GSM), Bluetooth and G-sensor which can be used to different situation but for more exact location. Whether your kids are safe or not, you can get contact with them wherever.

Main functions:

  • Product of the position preparation for children when at home or traveling, so you really feel comfortable, your families feel comfortable
  • Double Talk watches designed for children, and can only help fix the number, buddy numbers, dial-in number of calls, unless this number can not talk and watch outside
  • GPS tracking: locating and tracking by precise and accurate GPS, children in class or go out to play, don't worry, you only the need for children to wear UPro P5, anywhere can view children position
  • LBS Tracking: if not have gps signal, auto change to tracking by LBS
  • SMS tracking: locating through phone message SMS, smartphone send SMS to watch to get the watch's position
  • PC Tracking: track on website
  • Phone Tracking: download APP by scanning QR-code
  • Living tracking
  • Historical track
  • Remote monitoring: when the children go out to play when you pass, you with mobile phone terminal sends instruction, you can open UPro P5 recording function, this watch is muted, but you can listen to the child, the son and the surrounding sound; can be installed 2 monitoring number
  • SOS call: long press SOS button for 3 seconds to call preset phone numbers
  • Emergency help, SOS alarm: can be set up 3 emergency numbers, the child when emergency, a key to dial the emergency number for help, long press wheel dial the preset emergency number, through self stop wheel set, and 3 seconds with her mother on the phone and can talk with Mom
  • Safety distance: go play, if the child is beyond you set safety distance, then mobile phone terminal can send out alarm sound to remind you
  • Safety fence (Geo-fence alarm): the children are out, provided a safe area for the children, the accurate identification the track of the children, when the children leave the safe zone, the watch alarm will sound the remind the child, and through mobile phone end to remind you
  • Remote Alarm clock: set the alarm clock to UPro P5 by mobile phone, to help children develop good habits of autonomous
  • Pet positioning: UPro P5 (use with rubber outer ring) with the GPS and mobile phone positioning their pets, never don't worry about love lost, colorful shell let pet more cool, more safety
  • UPro Guard Software App: set of basic information, emergency numbers, monitoring numbers, phone numbers, listening friends alarm, safe distance, to change the device password


  • Precision four position: through the GPS, mobile phone base station, Bluetooth and G-Sensor four kinds of location methods, can adapt to different environment change, through different hybrid computing mode, let the watch position be more accurate and reliable
  • Support phone call conversation, security fence, remote monitoring, a key to help, buddy management, remote alarm clock, remote monitoring, waterproof life in the water, long standby time, and many other features
  • Support GPS, GSM (phone base station) LBS network positioning and wireless Bluetooth positioning, compatible with android location background search Application
  • Using intelligent wear MTK chip, support the micro SIM card four frequency roaming around the world
  • 0.96 inch OLED display, cold white, luminescent screen
  • Built-in GPS Module
  • High-sensitivity, new workmanship and the most advanced GPS chip
  • Fast signal acquisition
  • Low energy consumption
  • GSM / GPRS modem, supports quad frequency bands (i.e. 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • Gravity Sensor
  • --Motion sensor inbuilt for GPRS data saving and save power
  • Based on GSM / GPRS and GPS, you can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS
  • Can position the holder by call or SMS
  • Supports the location information inquiry by SMS and Internet
  • You can get target's latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS, and check position by Google Earth
  • --Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP / UDP)
  • Internet positioning service center, used to receive and send positioning information
  • Supports single positioning and continuous tracking
  • --Tracking by time interval
  • Auto report position
  • Send the last location if it enters into the blind area
  • Map link to get location via mobilephone
  • Living location report
  • --Display date, time, day, lat & long and electricity quantity
  • Geo-fencing control: it will send an alert of Geofence to the user when it breaches the restricted area
  • Distance alert:
  • --Add or change username and password
  • Supports alarming and remote monitoring
  • Indoor monitoring and alarm function
  • May monitor without disturbing the tracked person and realizes real-time tracking
  • Monitoring and SOS feature
  • SOS alertUPro P5 GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids
  • In emergency, press the SOS button to have an accurate positioning
  • Remote monitoring and Two-way calling
  • 2 buttons to directly support phone
  • Support quick dialing buttons for 3 preset emergency phone numbers
  • 2 way communication, support more 10 phone number
  • Two-way communication, speaking and voice monitoring
  • Built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication
  • Removable and rechargeable internal battery
  • --Send a alert to the user if the watch strap be opened
  • OS compatibilty: compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • UPro Guard Software App functions
    • Friends: can set the 5 friends number, children can call and chat with them
    • Alarm clock: parents in the mobile phone terminal to set the alarm clock, when set time, the watch will receive the alarm clock reminder
    • Safe distance: when children leave the mobile phone provided safe distance, mobile phone terminal can receive the alarm
    • Map interface functions: in the map interface can positioning, monitoring, view the trajectory, fencing
      • Positioning: watch in peacetime is in normal working mode, and will be in accordance with the ordinary time interval reported location, watch to the high frequency positioning mode and can view the historical track
      • Listening: issued a directive monitoring children surrounding environment in the click listener can map interface
      • Path: can select a date to sec the track, scroll up and down can select a date
      • Fence: set a fence, once the child to leave or enter the enclosure area. watch the alarm will sound to remind the child, and through the mobile phone push message to remind you
    • Double talk: the watch designed for children, and the only you set turn number, number to call friends listen, number and watch can not call in addition
      • watch end can only call you set for help and friends number
      • turn number and friends call, watch a call interface, press the power button can answer
      • monitor the incoming number, watch no calls interface, automatically answer, press the power button can't hang up the phone
      • when the watch is in call, others call again, you cannot connect
  • Removable three pieces (watch, rubber outer ring, silicone bracelet) type design want to adapt to many places (watch, necklace, key chain, for pet, etc.)
  • Small and super Q, super adorable, cute fashion style, food grade silicone bracelet watch strap
  • Support the wrist, key chain pendant and worn
    • can locate any dead flexible strap
    • can change with removable wear three-piece band


  • CPU: MT6260A
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • ROM (Flash): 64 MB (MT6260 built-in)
  • Display size: 0.96''
  • Screen resolution: 128 × 64
  • Screen type (Display Technology): OLED (AMOLED)
  • Mobile Network: GSM
  • Data Service: GPRS/EDGE
  • GSM module: Quadband (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Supported SIM card: micro SIM card slot
  • LBS (GSM) positioning accuracy: 100 - 500 m
  • GPS: MT3336
  • GPS sensitivity: -163 dBm
  • GPS center frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
  • GPS positioning accuracy: 5 - 25 m
  • Gravitational acceleration: < 4 g
  • Bluetooth: BT 3.0 (MT6260 built-in)
  • Bluetooth positioning radius: 30 - 50 m
  • USB Interface: micro USB
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power supply: Rechargeable 3,7 V / 420 mAh LiPo battery
  • Standby time: 96 h
  • Talk time: 6 h
  • Charging time: 2 - 3 h
  • Buttons: Power button, SOS emergency button for emergency aid or directly call
    • Power button:
      • click into the phone book selection, then click on the next page, long by 3 seconds dial
      • long press power button: dial emergency number setting number third
    • (note: the power button to shut down, just boot, lock screen, check number)
    • Screen button: left key long press, dial emergency number is set in the first number, the right key long press, dial emergency number set of second number
  • Watch case: Environmental protection plastic
  • Watch strap: siliconeUPro P5 GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids
  • Colors: Sky Blue, Pink, White, Black
  • Dimensions: 42 × 40 × 12.8 mm
  • Weigth: 44 g

Package contents:

  • UPro P5 GPS Tracker Smartwatch
  • Rubber Outer Ring
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Screwdriver
  • 6 × Screws
  • User's Manual
 $ 121   UPro P5 Location Bluetooth / LBS / GPS Tracker and Remote Monitor with GSM/GPRS and Phone / SOS Alarm function Smartwatch for Kids   UPro P5 Location Bluetooth / LBS / GPS Tracker and Remote Monitor with GSM/GPRS and Phone / SOS Alarm function Smartwatch for Kids
Waterproof Realtime GPS Tracker for Pet / Dog / Cat with GSM/GPRS (TK909)Waterproof Realtime GPS Tracker for Pet / Dog / Cat with GSM/GPRS (TK909)

Mini waterproof colorful Security GPS Tracker Locator (TK909) for your love small Pet / Dog / Cat / Person. The ideal GPS pet collar tracker for your dog, cat and other pets. The GPS tracking device has many features which set it apart from other devices.
This GPS pet collar tracking device was designed with your pet in mind. It weighs just 65 grams and is IP65 waterproof (not a bother in the rain, but just don’t go swimming with it). It's small dimensions: 70 × 37 × 20 millimetres makes it suitable for the bigger dogs and other pets. It also has up to 300 hours of battery life, so you won’t have to plug in your GPS pet collar tracking device every day! Anyway, the GPS pet collar tracking device will let you know when its battery is low.
The GPS pet collar tracking device comes with a collar, but you can use your own provided that it fits. The GPS chip in this pet tracking device is one of the fastest there is – starting from scratch, it can obtain an accurate position in just 1 second approximately.
Use this GPS pet collar tracking device to locate your pet in real time on the map. This GPS pet collar tracking device has a minimum 15 seconds location refresh rate. This will suit those who enjoy outdoors activities with their dogs. You may also wish to replay the stored journeys to find out where your pet has been.
Using this GPS pet collar tracking device, you can stop worrying that your beloved pet may wander too far from home. Simply set a geo-fence around your home and the GPS pet collar tracking device will alert you anytime your pet wanders beyond the perimeter; the GPS pet collar tracking device will even alert you when your pet returns home. Have peace of mind while your dog enjoys more freedom. The GPS pet collar tracking device is very cheap to run; no need for expensive satellite phone contracts as it will work with any mobile network – simply use any SIM card with a good offer for data and text.
Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet. The most advanced technology of GPS and GSM dual positioning. GPS tracker requires a GSM (2G Network) cell phone SIM card to work, which you can buy from your carrier (like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telenor, BT, Telefonica, AT&T, etc.). It support multi bands (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) and will likely work with most major carriers all over the world.
Free web tracking platform, and computers or mobile client (iOS / Android) application. Users can download the mobile client or use online platform, input on the back of the device ID (IMEI) number as the user name, and the initial password is: 123456.
The collar could adjust 25 ~ 60 cm, it is not suitable for too small pets. So please measure your pet, before buy it.


  • Mini size, easy use, suit for pets!
  • Compact, and configuration of high-quality colorful nylon pet collar
  • Easy to use: as easy as calling the device’s mobile number to receive a text message with the location of your pet
  • Cheap to run: works with your local mobile network in both text and data mode
  • Full control: use text, use a smart phone App or a desktop web application to operate your GPS pet tracker
  • Secure: set a password to stop others gaining access to your pet GPS tracker
  • Peace of mind: receive alerts on significant events such as your pet wandering outside of your virtual geo-fence or your tracker’s battery running low
  • GSM / GPS dual positioning, positioning accuracy can be achieved within 5 meters
  • 1000 mAh large capacity battery, a charge can be long standby 300 hours
  • Waterproof (IP65): it can withstand heavy showers, making it ideal for the outdoors (not a bother in the rain, but just don’t go swimming with it)
  • Lightweight: it weighs only 65 grams!

Main functions

  • Pet GPS Tracking
  • GPS and GSM dual Location Based Service: When tracker in underground or tunnel (no GPS signal), can get location by GSM network
  • Real time tracking: Real time tracking it by cell phone and online platform. Also can support get location every 15 seconds, and the GPS accuracy is about 5 meters
  • Google map on mobile: Check the location with google map on mobile
  • Check the history of route on platform: Can check and replay within one year history of route of device by web monitor center
  • Power Saving Mode: The device go into standby mode, when there isn't vibration for 3 minutes, it will go into working mode when it feel vibration
  • Geofence and movement alert: Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district unit, will send a message to the authorized number, when it breaches the district


  1. Set/Delete master number: Set and delete admin (authorization) number.
  2. Set shake sensitive: 1 (less sensitive) - 9 (sensitive)
  3. Shake alarm timespan: It does not send a continuous shake alarm, only repeated in the specified minute (default 5 minutes). This one means once the person shake the car, the tracker will send alarm to the admin, but if the person shake the car all the time, the gps tracker will not send alarm to the admin all the time, the second alarm time is only after the given minutes.
  4. Vibrator alarm: means shake alarm.
  5. Set/Shut sleep mode: Once you set sleep mode, when your car stopped about 5 minutes, the device will start to sleep, during sleep time, the tracker will not send data to server, and it is offline on platform. Once you move the car, it will wake again, and the gps tracker will send data to server again.
    If you do not need sleep mode, then you can shut it.
  6. Phone alarm setting: This functions means when there is vibrator/shake, displacement/move, overspeed or offline alarm from the gps tracker, you phone will remind you (same as SMS alert, when you get a SMS, your phone will remind you). But you need to push the button to on, then it will remind you.
  7. Set time zone: you can choose any time zone
  8. Language: If display is wrong (SMS is Chinese, GPRS is English language), then we will change it to Chinese and English.
  9. Reboot: Means restart the tracker, all of the command will still remain in the tracker.
  10. Restore factory setting: Means factory resetting.

Getting started with the GPS pet collar tracker

SIM Card Installation

Open the rubber cover on the side of device, insert the sim card into sim card slot, if you have purchased a micro SIM, you will need to use the micro SIM adapter enclosed.

Starting to use the GPS Tracker device

Turn on the unit outdoors by pressing the on/off button until the indicator is on.  For first use, please initialize the unit and restore it to default setting. In 10 or 40 seconds, the unit will begin to work and acquire the GSM signals as well as the GPS signals. The indicator will keep flashing every 3 seconds when the unit has received the signals.
When this unit receives GPS signals normally, you can use it and do any setting as the instructions of this manual.
(Turn off the unit by taking away sim card.)

LED Indicator status meaning

- No lit Device fault or dormant
- Continuously lit No GPRS signal
- Flashing GPRS communication established
(Center) Red
- No lit Fully charged
- Solid red Charging
- No lit No power to the unit or the unit can’t start
- Continuously lit Searching for GPS signal
- Flashing GPS location successful

Note: the SMS tracking works in Green-Solid mode and Green-Flashing mode, online tracking only works in Green-Flashing mode, turn on Green-Flashing mode by sending gprs123456 command and set APN for the tracker.

Operating the GPS pet collar tracker

There are three ways to operate the GPS pet collar tracking device:

  • The GPS pet collar tracking device accepts commands using text messages. The user manual describes each command in detail. All commands are secure as they require a password which the GPS pet collar tracking device checks before processing the request.
  • The GPS pet collar tracking device can also use the free App available for both android and iOS devices. The App gives you full control while on the move, ideal for when you go walking with your dog in the woods. In this mode, the GPS tracking device is operating in GRPS mode and will be using mobile data.
  • Our platform may also be used to manage your tracker. The platform is a simple and easy to use web application. Use your computer to review or replay the locations your pet has traveled to; unless you are tracking your pet in real-time, the GPS pet collar tracking device won’t be using any mobile data or text credit as the location data has already been saved to our database.

The mobile Apps and the platform are all free of charge and secure. For access you will need the unique identifier (IMEI) number for your pet GPS tracker and your password.

SMS Tracking

Call the mobile number of the tracker and hang up after one ring. The GPS pet collar tracker device will then send you a text message with the location of your pet. Click on the link in the text message to open your favourite map program on your smart phone and view the location:

  1. Call the SIM-card phone number in the device by other cell phone
  2. Receive a Google Maps link by SMS to your mobile phone
  3. Click on the Google Maps link
  4. Now it displays the position of device.

Explanation of Parameters/Codes in SMS answer message

  1. Google Maps link This is the link to the Google map showing the position of the tracker unit. When click the link, if a map is displayed, there is GPS information for the unit.TKStar TK909 Pet GPS Tracker SMS reply format If there is no may, there is no GPS information for the tracker. When the device location show different with map, there are two kinds of circumstances: 1. Device in sleep condition, 2. No GPS signal. Solution: Dial SIM Card Number in the Device, if only reply one SMS with "V:V", it means no GPS Signal; If reply one SMS, with "V:A", it means device in sleep mode. (Note: We advice use Shock Sleep Mode when driving.)
  2. V:A/V Indicates GPS signal. V:A indicates there is a GPS signal, V:V indicates there is no GPS signal. When the device can't get GPS signal in one minute or in sleep mode, it will reply history position (V:V). The device will send real time tacking information until it get GPS signal (V:A).
  3. 2014-07-29 06:41:43 The date and time stamp when the unit last received a GPS signal.
  4. S: 007km/h This indicates the last known speed of the unit.
  5. Bat: 80% The approximate amount of battery charge remaining. The value is between 5 and 100 %, with 100% being fully charged.
  6. 4109112546 The IMEI code of tracker device. This number is used for tracking website and the mobile app.

Main SMS Commands

Instruction Command Reply Example
Reset the device settings begin+123456 begin ok begin123456
Set authorized number admin+123456+space+phone number admin ok
Cancel authorized number noadmin+123456+space+phone number noadmin ok
SMS Track G+123456+# Google link
Set GMT time zone number timezone+123456+space+timezone time ok timezone123456 8
Sleep by time (default mode-save much power, tracker will fall asleep in 5 minutes) sleep123456+space+time sleep time ok
Sleep by shock sensor (Suits for vehicle tracking on platform, tracker will enter sleep mode after detect no shock in 5 minutes) sleep123456+space+shock sleep shock ok
No sleep (tracker will continuously working) sleep123456+space+off sleep off ok
Switch to the No GPRS mode (default mode) nogprs123456 nogprs ok
Switch to the GPRS mode (for tracking online) gprs123456 gprs ok
Status Check check+123456 GPS, GSM, IP, APN, status check123456
Restore factory settings format

Online Tracking

Turn on GPRS function by sending comand gprs123456 to the tracker, and set the apn for tracker, then online tracking will work. APN information is from SIM card carrier,TKStar GPS App QR Code every SIM card carrier has different APN information. There are two ways to find APN out: check SIM card carrier on internet or put SIM card into own cell phone to find check APN.
Webplatform: http://tkstargps.net/ or search TKStar in the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store or Scan the QR Code to install the applications on your cell phone. Select Log in by IMEI on the bottom of screen.
IMEI: on the back side of cover
(Initial) Password: 123456

Command Instruction to set the Access Point Name (APN)

Name Instruction Command Reply Example
Switch to the GPRS mode Turn on GPRS gprs+123456 gprs ok gprs123456
APN Set new APN (old one will be replaced) apn+123456+space+apn content apn ok apn123456 apn
APN user Set APN
apnuser+123456+space+apn content user apnuser ok apnuser123456 user
APN password Set APN
apnpasswd+123456+space+apn content password apnpasswd ok apnpasswd123456 password
Set the upload frequency (sec) Default 120 sec upload+123456+space+interval upload ok upaload123456 30


  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • GSM/GPRS module: MTK
  • Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM module, working worldwide
  • Communication protocol: TCP
  • GPS chip: UBLOX
  • GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
  • GPS accuracy: 5 m
  • Time To First Fix:
    • Cold status: 45s
    • Warm status: 35s
    • Hot status: 1s
  • Car charger: DC 12 ~ 24 V input / DC 5 V output
  • Wall charger: AC 110 ~ 220 V input / DC 5 V output
  • Battery: chargeable, changeable 3.7 V / 1000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Standby: 300 hours
  • Storage Temp: -40 ~ 85 °C
  • Operation Temp: -20 ~ 55 °C
  • Humidity: 5 ~ 95 % non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 70 × 37 × 20 mm (2.7” × 1.4” × 0.78”)
  • Weight: 65 g

Package contents

  • 1 × GPS Tracker
  • 1 × Collar (Black / Blue / Yellow / Pink / Green / Orange option) for Pet
  • 1 × USB cable
  • 1 × Wall Charger
  • 1 × Users Guide
 $ 97   Waterproof Realtime GPS Tracker for Pet / Dog / Cat with GSM/GPRS (TK909)   Waterproof Realtime GPS Tracker for Pet / Dog / Cat with GSM/GPRS (TK909)
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