Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRSRealtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRSRealtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRSRealtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS

Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRSRealtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS
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Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS
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Realtime GPS Tracker Leather Dog Collar with GSM/GPRS
Item #:  222

Why you need this GPS Tracker?

  • Dogs can't call home when they are lost.
  • Monitor their movements online or from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Set up a safe zone so as soon as they wander too far, a SMS text message will be sent to your mobile phone.

This pet GPS tracker represents the perfect combination of GSM, GPRS and GPS technologies. It is a remote positioning device comprising GPS and GSM/GPRS modules. Based upon the GPS satellite, it shall offer you precise positioning information on dynamic conditions. It will send longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates to the authorized cell phone, which can be utilized by you to position your pet, it’s a cool tool to protect your pet
Perfect deluxe leather collar design with GPS tracker inside of small pouch, make it invisible against thief, also weatherproof.
Easy operation, insert a 2G SIM card, turn on the unit, then ready for use. Track by SMS, you send SMS then get the SMS reply from the tracker, or track online GPS service platform.


  • High-sensitivity, latest technology and the most advanced GPS chipset
    • can accurately position even if with weak signal
    • fast signal capturing
  • Comfortable leather collar and compact size tracker that doesn't interfere with the movements of our favorite pets
  • Compact size, easy for hiding
  • Here is a deluxe leather dog collar with built-in GPS tracking device, with this, you can track your pet by sending simple SMS (message) , also you can check your pet’s real-time location via online GPS platform and google map at the same time
  • Set up Geo-fence to restrict the movement of your pet within a district with alert
  • While the battery is low, send you SMS alert
  • Rechargeable battery can last 12 hours based on current default setting that uploading per 2-3 seconds (if you set the upload interval to per 5 minutes, the battery can last much more longer hours), during standby mode, the battery lasts one week on standby
  • This Pet GPS Collar designed for medium and large pets, the shortest circle is 50 cm. Better suited for dogs and larger animals!

Simple use:

You need GSM (2G) SIM card with money in and make sure it can work, as this pet tracker can track via both modes:

  • SMS (short messaging service), you send SMS then get the reply from the tracker
    • Very easy to use, for example, you send a SMS like #666#000000# to your local 2G SIM Card which you bought and inserted it into the card slot of this GPS Tracker, then you can get a SMS reply with address details like (City, Road, Street, etc)
    • If you send a SMS #888#000000# to the tracker, then you get a SMS reply with a link, click this link then you can view position via Google Maps
  • GPS service platform (, try demo accunt: 889900015185 / 123456), you can track via computer or mobile by visiting it or playback the tracking history by this platform

Technical specifications:

  • Network: GSM / GPRS (only 2G!), GPS
  • GSM Bands: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz (4 bands)
  • Unlocked: means any operator SIM card to use
  • GPS Chip: MTK-TSi chip
  • GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
  • GPS accuracy: about 5 ~ 25 m
  • Battery: Rechargeable, 3.7 V / 1 000 mAh (working time: 12 hours, standby: 1 week)
  • Dimension: 80 × 6 × 1.5 cm (the shortest circle is 50 cm)
  • Weight: 180 g

Package included:

  • 1 × GPS tracker leather dog collar
  • 1 × charger (USB cable and charger)
  • 1 × user manual
 $ 117  
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