Panasonic HIT All-Black Kuro N320K solar panel (320 W / 19.1 %) Panasonic HIT All-Black Kuro N320K solar panel (320 W / 19.1 %) Panasonic HIT All-Black Kuro N320K solar panel (320 W / 19.1 %)

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Panasonic HIT All-Black Kuro N320K solar panel (320 W / 19.1 %)
Panasonic HIT All-Black Kuro N320K solar panel (320 W / 19.1 %)
Item #:  297
Since 1975, under the old brand name of SANYO and now since 2012 under the current name of Panasonic, this well known manufacturer has been producing quality photovoltaic modules for the whole world. This gives Panasonic 43 years of expertise and experience in the research, development and production of solar panels. With the HIT® technology (heterojunction), Panasonic has over 20 years of product experience and is continuously improving upon their products. With more than 3 million panels delivered in Europe, the failure rate is less than 0.0035 % (as of January 2017).
The newest solar panel is the Panasonic HIT N330/N325. This solar panel has the highest output of all our products, reaching 330/325 Watt in just 1.67 m2 of surface. With less than 160 cm of length, it has 25 % more output power than a standard solar panel (265 Watt) of similar size.
The frame is anodyzed and black, with corner water drainage to keep your solar panels cleaner all year long and give a monochrome, appealing appearance for the solar system on your roof.
Proudly featuring Panasonic‘s original invention, the heterojunction solar cell. With over 1 billion cells produced commercially over 18 years, 25 years after the breakthrough in the development and looking back to over 40 years of experience in solar, Panasonic really offers you a 25-year guarantee you can trust.

More energy per square meter with Solar Panels HIT

The structure of the HIT™ Solar Modules is not only innovative but also different from conventional designs. Achieve more efficiency of the cell, resulting in: more energy per square meter. Its quality materials confer durability to solar modules HIT™. So you will get greater reliability, secured by a guarantee of 25 years.

19.1 % module efficiency

Enables reaching a higher output and lower specific installation and balance-of-system costs than with the same number of standard 60-cell modules. Outstandingly equipped with the heterojunction solar cells, high efficiency and unique dimensions, the Panasonic solar panels differ from standard modules.

More energy, higher profit

Helping you reach a higher final profit with your PV system.

Guaranteed by Panasonic

IEC and over 20 Panasonic internal tests
Vertically integrated own manufacturing (wafer, cell and module)

Record low claim rate

Less than 0.005 % failure rate after more than 10 years experience.

In one word: High Efficiency + High Performance at High Temperatures = High Power Generation

Product advantages Panasonic VBHN 320 KJ01

  • Vertically integrated in-house production (wafer, cell and modules)
  • 96 units of 5 inch HIT cells
  • -0/+10 % positive power tolerancePanasonic HIT N320 320 W solar panel (VBHN325KJ01) professional water drainage
  • PID-free (tested by Fraunhofer Institute)
  • Ammonia-resistant junction box
  • 25-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee

Product features

  • Pmax: 320 Wp
  • Vmp: 57,6 V
  • Imp: 5,65 A
  • Voc: 69,6 V
  • Isc: 6,03 A
  • 19.1 % module efficiency
  • All-Black module frame and backsheet design
  • Unique water drainage
  • SMK male / female
  • 5400 Pa snow load / 5400 Pa wind load
  • Power temperature coefficient -0.258 % / °C
  • Dimensions (L×W×D): 1590 × 1053 × 40 mm (only 40 mm thickness)
  • Weight: 19 kg
Detailed Specifications.
  30,813 ₽ 
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