Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors) Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors) Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors)

Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors)
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Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors)
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Flying Paper Lanterns (7 pcs in 7 colors)
Item #:  130
  • These sky lanterns are fantastic gadgets on your celebration party
  • Increase unbelievably funny for your special day
  • These can rise up to the sky and have often been mistaken for UFO's
  • Just get it and fly to sky, make a wish and your wish will come true
  • Lamp’s material: stencil paper and iron wire
  • Color: blue, purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, red
  • Size: app 98 cm (H) x 37 cm (W)
  • Quantity: 7 pcs

Operation instruction:

  1. To open packing and to take out candle, fix the candle into inner cross iron, then push button of iron outside and flatten it to ensure locking the candle.
  2. One person taking upwards the top of lamp, another one ignites the candle.
  3. After getting enough hot air in inner lamp due to burning of candle, the person should release his hand from the top of lamp to the dotcom circle frame to keep it, then please release the lamp when you're feeling it's going up due to enough ascending pressure.

Notice item:

  • Please choose wide and windless places to release lamps. Fire-forbidden zone or high buildings area or sky-barrier places forbidden.
  • Only matched special candle is allowable to be used for releasing lamp, other fire materials forbidden.
  • Please release lamp rapidly and you shouldn't keep it long time when you are feeling the pressure of its' going up and don't hang anything to the lamp.
  • Children should be monitored by adults when they the lamps.
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